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01. Strategic

Your business is important, an obvious statement, we know – but then so is the strategy that you employ to grow your business…get in touch!

02. Professional

At DigyBiz, we understand the importance of ensuring that your business and ours is reflected in the best way possible with integrity and professionalism at its core.

03. Loyal

The best outcomes for our clients are OUR priority because the success of your  business is important – to you and therefore to us too! Welcome to business done the DigyBiz way.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

In the current climate many businesses need to pivot towards an online digital business and and need automates software to shorten the learning curve and gain sales. DigyBiz has various automated solutions to create momentum for your business.

Quarter 1 2020 Amazon Revenue amounted to $75.5B

By 2023 , US eCommerce revenue will be $740B.

   The Team for

     Digital Business 

Mark da Rocha - Digital Business Consultant

Mark da Rocha

Digital Business Consultant

Providing businesses with solutions to assist them to pivot online with their digital business.

Fiona da Rocha - Digital Business Consultant

Fiona da Rocha

Digital Business Consultant

Working in collaboration with businesses to assist them with online digital business strategies


What We Do Best

reputation management

Reputation management online  is key when you have a web presence.  Online reputation management can damage your brand, if you are not aware what people are saying about you or your business through various social media channels.

market research

Omnipresence is the new descriptor of social media that conveys the importance of your brand being seen everywhere, every time!

lead generation

The use of video to establish brands and messages has come a long way and is proven to convert. Check out our innovative creations on this website. Contact us to find out more!

customer engagement

Youtube is now an established search engine-like platform, used by the professionals to gain authority in their area of expertise… Contact us  to find out more!

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